Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011 Update

We had a first-time visitor on Sunday. Her name is Elena (Really good name. In case you don't know, our granddaughter is also Elena). This Elena is Ukrainian. Her testimony was very interesting. She had been to some sort of evangelical church a few times in Ukraine, but was not a believer. Someone gave her a Bible there, but she said she was having a hard time being motivated to read it. 10 years ago she and her husband, André, moved to Portugal in search of a better life. She brought her Bible with her. About a year after arriving in Portugal she said she started wanting to know about God in a way she never had before. The Holy Spirit guided her to the source of all truth and she began reading the Bible, this time with a purpose. She accepted Jesus Christ as Savior through the message she read. She then started searching the internet to find out more about this new life she had. She researched different denominations, and came, eventually, to the conclusion that baptist churches were the closest to the Bible. Last week, she found our web site, and here she was on Sunday. She lives in a town just a few kilometers away from Castelo Branco. She had a wonderful spirit and said she will be back and will bring her 6-year-old son, Alexandre. She asked prayer for her husband's salvation.

I have had several opportunities to share the Gospel lately with new people. Most of the time it has been just in a small way, but I am having repeat conversations with some. Please pray especially for Fernando, Celeste and Mateus for salvation.

Barb is gearing up for her second sign language course. It was scheduled to start last week but got postponed until next week. At this very moment she is having a practice session with one of the ladies from the last and future classes, Marta. Please pray for this contact as well.

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