Monday, September 20, 2010

Newton News Update

Our retreat went very well Saturday. We had 44 people present from 7 different places around the country. There was a good spirit of worship and prayer, as well as a lot of good, uplifting music.

We have been notified that the rest of the money for our well has been given! What a difference that is going to make at the Mount of Olives.

Cristina has made it through her latest treatment and seems to be in good spirits. She now has to spend several months at home with no contact except with immediate family. Please continue to pray for her.

Dear praying friends,

We have received an offering of $1,000 towards a new well for the camp! We still need more, of course, to get it done, but it is a great start. Besides the rest of the money for the well (about $3,000) we still have the following needs for the Mount of Olives:

A solar electric system, which would cost from 8,000 euros and up. (We can get started with a small amount of electricity at 8,000 and add to the system as we are able) In the meantime I have found a larger generator (the one we have is puny) which we can use alone or in conjunction with solar. It costs 1,080 euros.

25 bunk beds (about $270 each)
25 mattresses (about $50 each)
Roof panels for the eating area (about $1000) two third have been supplied and installed!
10 or so tables and benches (about $500)
fencing for the workshop area and around the water tanks (about $400) supplied!
more dishes (about $300) supplied by members of our church!
5 water heaters (about $1200) 3 supplied by another Portuguese church!

We are having a nation-wide retreat this Saturday at the Mount of Olives. Not sure how many will be in attendance yet, but several churches are planning to be represented. Pray for a time of refreshing as each of these ministries heads into the busy fall season.

We will be baptizing Albertina! She is working out the details of when, but it will probably be a week from Sunday. We discussed where to perform the baptism. I mentioned a river nearby, but she wanted to do it at the Mount. She said, "because its ours!" I'm glad she feels that way. She always pitches in with events there but it is nice to hear her affirm it as a ministry of our local church.

Please pray for me as I seek the Lord's guidance concerning this church plant. I believe we are at a crossroads and I expect God to do some great things on the next several months (and beyond, of course). I need a lot of prayer to know how exactly to proceed. Pray also for our finances. We are doing alright but some of the projects I am considering will require money, maybe more than we have available monthly right now. We lost a supporting church but another increased our support, so we stayed about even. God will provide for all that His will requires we do!

Allen & Barb Newton
Rua do Bonfim
Lote 252, R/C, Dº, Trás
6000-186 Castelo Branco
Phone: +351 272 337 493
Cell: +351 934 321 452 (Mount of Olives)