Thursday, November 4, 2010


In our last update we mentioned that our van's engine had died. I had another van out at the Mount of Olives that was the same model, just a few years older. It had had an almost new engine put in it shortly before we parked it about 2 years ago. The differential was going out at that time, and we were able to buy the present van for not much more than it would have cost to fix the first one. Anyway, I had the old van towed to the garage I use. They checked out the engine in it and said it was good, but needed a few things replaced (timing belt, water pump etc.). The final outcome is that we got the van back on the road in just a few days and it is running great, just in time for olive harvest. It cost us about $1200. I had said in the last email that we really weren't prepared for such an expense, and, even though it could have been much more if we hadn't had the other van, it was more than we really had to spend. As soon as I sent out the email I got one back from someone in a supporting church telling me that two days before a special offering had been given for us in their church for "whatever we needed it for". It was $2000! What a blessing. Now I can get a few things fixed on the car too. I think it needs a CV joint, and the struts that hold up the back door are shot. Things go bad when you get old.

I wish our joints were so easy to fix. Barb is having some trouble with arthritis, so we would appreciate your prayers for her. Not saying she is getting old like the vehicles, of course, but you have to expect a few things when you reach half a century (on the 26th of this month!).

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